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Women’s condition, stress/depression, pain

Dr. Anca was recommended to me by one of her patients. Since the first treatment IMG_1960 (1) with her I have noticed great improvement. I was on all kinds of medications designed to manage stress, depression, and women’s conditions. I was trying to deal with my health issues using conventional medicine methods but I did not notice any improvement and worse yet I had many side effects: headache, forgetfulness, fatigue and pain. During my first treatment, Dr. Anca prescribed me herbal medicine that improved my condition within the first week. Most importantly after a few months I was able to get  completely off  of the medications I was taking. I continue my life without pain or headaches, my digestion improved, as well as my sleeping. Also, every time I see Dr. Anca for any pain, the improvement is complete within 1-2 treatments. I can say my overall life quality had a tremendous positive impact ever since I have been treated by Dr. Anca. Her kind and caring approach made me feel very comfortable as her patient. She is very knowledgeable and positive.

I continue seeing Dr. Anca as my primary doctor for any health concerns that I have and I recommend her to all my friends and family.

I. B.

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