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Vertigo, hypertension, pain

102_4233When I started seeing Dr. Anca I had severe vertigo to the point of not being able to drive, severe pain and stiffness in my neck and blood pressure that kept going up. The vertigo spells I would get as many as 10 times a day without any reason. Within two months my vertigo is nonexistent and I feel much better. Prior to seeing Dr. Anca I have seen my medical doctor for many years. He put me on stronger hypertension medication (since my blood pressure was increasing) which caused me even more dizziness and vertigo. I decided not to take the extra hypertension medication which was giving me such bad side effects. Now after the treatments with Dr. Anca the pain and stiffness in my neck have disappeared and the blood pressure has resumed to normal. I am happy with the results and I keep  having treatments with Dr. Anca.

Heidy Lin

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